High Stakes

November 10, 2019 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Losing My Religion

Scripture: Galatians 5:1–12

Wrapping Up: What is really at stake? 

Answer: Any advantage that comes from Christ (2)

  • You cannot refuse to trust Jesus but still receive the benefits of trusting Jesus

What advantages do we have in Christ?

#1: Freedom (1)


  • Christ set us free so that we might be free (1)


  • BUT - Circumcision obligates you to keep the whole law of Moses (3)

#2: The hope of righteousness (5)

  • We have our hope because Jesus has already been vindicated and because we have the Holy Spirit right now (5)
  • But - to choose circumcision is to insist on being judged apart from Christ (4)

Take Home Idea: We secure the many advantages we have in Christ when we continue to live by faith in Jesus that is worked out in love. (6)

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