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Love Like Jesus

June 2, 2019 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Road Map For Relationships

Scripture: Philippians 2:1–14

Series Goal: Leave excited to love like Jesus, well aware that you need God’s help to do it

1. Loving like Jesus is a lofty and exciting goal

  • 2 Stories: Jesus Blesses the Children (Mk. 10.13-16); Jesus Honors John the Baptist (Mt. 11.1-15)
  • Loving like Jesus is worth all our work, time and effort, and it is a goal we should want to reach

2. Loving like Jesus requires some serious help

  • God has not only called us, he himself is at work in us to fulfill his good purpose  (Pp. 2.12-14)
  • We cannot do it on our own, but we are not expected to

A Final Story: Peter & Cornelius (Acts 10 & 15)

Take Home Idea: Strive to love like Jesus, but do it knowing that God himself works in you to make it possible.

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