One Thing v2.0

Mar 3, 2019 by: Jay Pound| Series: Living a Life that Counts
Scripture: Mark 10:17–10:31

A Search for Significance

  • What is the young man looking for? (17-21)
    • He wants to be part of what God is doing through Jesus
    • He wants his life to matter
  • What can we learn from his search?
  1. He has come to the right place! Jesus can offer him exactly what he wants (21)
    1. In Christ, God offers us all a life that counts
  2. Significance comes at a cost (21-25)
    1. He cannot receive what Jesus offers because his hands are already full (22)
  3. But it is more than worth it (29-31)
    1. Jesus will give us significance beyond anything we could ever buy or earn, if we will receive it (27)
    2. Wealth has already failed him! (22, 17)

Take Home Idea: Jesus offers us a life that counts, but we can only receive it if we first lay down everything else

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