Giant of Worry

June 10, 2018 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Killing Giants

Scripture: Matthew 6:19–34

Giant of Worry

Matthew 6:19-34


Where is your treasure? (6.19-24)

If it is on earth, you should be worried (6.19)


2 Practices for Conquering Worry:

  • Give your first allegiance to Jesus and his Kingdom (6.33, 6.20)
    • Jesus does not offer an edge over the competition, he calls us to serve a different master
  • Commit to knowing God more (6.25-32, esp. 32)
    • Replace worry with a deep trust in God’s goodness and power


Take Home Idea: Worry reveals the place(s) where we put our trust; conquer worry by placing your trust in Jesus, the only One who is completely faithful and able.


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