The Building Blocks of Marriage

Apr 22, 2018 by: Joel Sutton| Series: Family Matters
Scripture: Genesis 1–3

The Building Blocks of Marriage

Genesis 1 - 3


Hebrews 13:4 says, “Let marriage be held in honor among all.”


Four Building Blocks of a Soul-Mate Marriage:

Created.  Gen. 1:27

Delighted.  Gen. 2:18

Related.  Gen. 2:23-24

United. Gen. 2:24-25


Four Breaking Points of Soul-Mate Marriage:

Deceived.  Gen. 3:6

Conflicted. Gen. 3:12

Divided. Gen. 3:12-13

Isolated.  Gen. 3:7


Take Home Idea: A soul-mate marriage is built on the blocks of being created, delighted, related and united.

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