Courageous Grace

Feb 18, 2018 by: Jay Pound| Series: Courageous Discipleship
Scripture: Matthew 9:9–9:13

Courageous Grace

Matthew 9:9-13


Why is eating with sinners a problem for the Pharisees?

  • Jesus dinner guests are unrepentant sinners, and therefore unclean
  • The Pharisees prioritized ritual purity above all else - including mercy


Jesus’ Response:

  • Mercy, not ritual purity, is the higher priority
  • This is his divine vocation, to bring mercy to those who need it


This leaves all who would follow Jesus with two, clear responsibilities:

  1. To receive God’s mercy
  2. To extend God’s mercy to others

Take Home Idea: Courageous discipleship requires receiving and extending mercy, because  if you actually follow Jesus, you will end up eating with tax collectors and sinners.

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