Courageous Loyalty

Feb 4, 2018 by: Jay Pound| Series: Courageous Discipleship
Scripture: Matthew 8:18–8:22

Courageous Loyalty

Matthew 8:18-22


2 Stories of Counterfeit Loyalty


  • Perspective Disciple #1: Loyalty as Self-Advancement (vv.18-20)
    • He saw loyalty to Jesus as a means to accomplish his own purposes
      • Genie Theology
    • Courageous loyalty means we put aside our agenda to advance Jesus’ Kingdom


  • Perspective Disciple #2: Divided Loyalty (vv.20-22)
    • He saw loyalty to Jesus as one commitment among many
    • Courageous loyalty means commitment to Jesus above all else


  • Conclusion: Courageous Loyalty (Mt. 13.44-46)
    • Following Jesus trumps all else in life - and it is more than worth it


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