I Thirst

April 2, 2017 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: The Witness of John

Scripture: John 19:28–30

I Thirst

John 19:28-30



“I Thirst.”

         - Thirst is a metaphor for our yearning for God.

         - Jesus experiences ultimate thirst, so we might drink at the fountain of life.


“It is Finished.”

         - A cry of triumph.

         - “It is paid in full.”

         - To attempt to add to it, is to subtract from it.


Take Home Idea: On the cross, Jesus brings the Father’s plan to a triumphant conclusion.



"I Thirst" Small Group Questions



Describe a time you were really thirsty? How desperate were you to get something to drink?

Review Pastor Joel's sermon and Take Home Idea. What struck you about the sermon?

What do you have questions about?

Dig: Read John 19:28-37

Notice how many times John tells us, “to fulfill the Scriptures” in this passage. Why does John keep reminding us of this? What incidents in this passage fulfilled theScriptures?

What does this tell us about Jesus’ death?

What difference does it make that Jesus knew that all was now finished?

Do you think Jesus is just saying, “I thirst” at the natural level? Or do you think there was more to it?

How do the stories that John told us earlier from John 4 with the Samaritan woman and then also from John 7 on the last day of the feast relate to Jesus’ words, “I thirst.”

What does Jesus mean by saying “It is finished.”?

What was finished?


What typically do you thirst for? Recognition? Money? Success? Love? Something else?

How does Jesus, as the the living water, quench our thirst?

Which of the two categories of people that Pastor Joel mentions do you tend to fall into – Self-Beater or Self-Prover? Why?

How does the fact that Jesus has finished it, that he has done everything to bring you salvation, make a difference for you?

Close this time sharing and praying together as a group.

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