God's Faithfulness to a Faithless World

March 19, 2017 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: The Witness of John

Scripture: John 18:12– 19:16

God's Faithfulness to a Faithless World

John 18:12-19:16


On the cross, God proves the extent of his faithfulness at exactly the moment when we deserve it least.

3 Pictures of Failure:

  • The failure of the world’s rulers to do justice (18.28-19.16)

              - Pilate crucifies a man he knows to be guiltless (18.38, 19.16)

  • The failure of God’s people to recognize their God (18.12-14, 19-24)

              -Jesus is rejected and sent to die by those he came to save (19.15-16)

  • The failure of Peter to remain faithful to Jesus (18.15-18, 25-27)

              - Peter is willing to kill for Jesus, but not to die with him (18.10, 26-27)


Take Home Idea: The world’s great faithlessness only served to magnify the fact that God’s faithfulness was greater still

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