Victim or Victor

March 12, 2017 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: The Witness of John

Scripture: John 18:1–11

"I Am He"

John 18:1-11


Why is it that when we look at the cross of Christ, we see a victor and not a victim?


3 Reasons:

Jesus dies willingly

  • He does not hide or resist
  • “I am he” (Jn. 18.5)


Jesus dies sacrificially

  • He dies to save and rescue others
  • “So if you seek me, let these men go” (Jn. 18.8)


Jesus dies victoriously

  • He accomplishes the work
  • “It is finished” (Jn. 19.30).



Take Home Idea: Jesus’ willing and sacrificial death disarmed satan and secured God’s victory (Col. 2.15)


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