December 4, 2016 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: His Name Shall Be Called

His Name Shall Be Called: Light


Jesus, the Light of the world.  John 8:12

Light triumphs over darkness.  John 1:4-5

Light reveals salvation.  Luke 2:28-32

Light exposes reality.  John 3:20-21

Take Home Idea: There is no hope in our darkened world apart from Jesus, the light of the world



"Light" Small Group Questions



What is your favorite Christmas season decoration in your home? Why?

Review Pastor Joel's sermon and Take Home Idea. What struck you about the sermon?

What do you have questions about?


Read John 1:4-10

What is John referring to when he uses the word, “darkness”?

Why might John have chosen the metaphor “light” for Jesus? Who or what has failed to comprehend the light?

Read John 8:12

Why do you think Jesus refers to himself as the “light of the world”? What is he trying to say about himself?

Read Luke 2:28-32

What is happening in this story? Who is Simeon referring to when he talks about “your salvation” and “a light”? What does it mean that Jesus, the light, is God’s salvation?

Look back at some of Isaiah’s prophecies (Is. 9:2, 42:6-7; 60:1-3). What additional insight does that give you as to the meaning of Simeon’s song and why he is celebrating?

Read John 3:20-21.

What is the warning given here?

What comforting truth is given here?


How does Jesus as the light give you hope? Which of those three implications of Jesus’ name, the Light of the World, is most significant for you right now? Why?

People have responded to the Light of Christ in many different ways. How are responding to Christ as the Light this Christmas?

Close this time sharing and praying together as a group.

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