Four Friends for a Friend

September 11, 2016 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: Risk

Scripture: Mark 2:1–12, Mark 5:1–20

Four Friends for a Friend

Mark 2:1-12, 5:1-20


We are averse to taking risks.

Jesus takes a risk: Mark 5

  • “Go over to the other side.” (Mk 4:35).
  • Heals a demon-possessed man.
  • Tells him to go home - take a risk.


Four Friends take a risk: Mark 2

  • Paralytic Friend
  • Faith of the four friends.


Our goal: In this next school year of 2016-2017, 50% of our church will commit to spending one meal (breakfast, lunch, supper) a month with someone who is far from God for the intentional purpose of building a relationship with them.


Take Home Idea: Redemptive people are risk-takers.



“Four Friends for a Friend” Small Group Questions

Mark 2:1-12; Mark 5:1-20


If you were in trouble in the middle of the night, what four friends would you call?

Review Pastor Joel's sermon and Take Home Idea. What struck you about the sermon?

What do you have questions about?



Read Mark 2:1-12

What would be seeing and feeling if you were in this crowd? (1-4) What do you think was going on in the mind of the paralytic? The teachers of the law?

Why are the teachers of law so upset? According to them, how are sin and the authority of God linked (see John 9:1-3)?

Why didn’t Jesus just heal the man like everyone expected?

What type of faith did Jesus see in the four friends? What type of risks did these four friends take?

Read Mark 5:1-20

When Jesus says in 4:35 to the disciples, “Let us go over to the other side.” What do you think they thought? Would they be afraid?

Compare the demon-possessed man before he met Jesus and after Jesus healed him.

What insights do you gain from this about Jesus?

Why are the people afraid (vs. 15) after they see the man healed?

Why does Jesus refuse to let this healed man go with him? Why does he send him back to his friends and family?

What do you think he said to his family?



What are the risks that are involved in sharing your story with a friend or family member who does not know Christ?

Do you agree or disagree: redemptive people are risk-takers. Why or why not?

Close this time sharing and praying together as a group.

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