Characters of Faith: Jonah

August 21, 2016 Series: Characters of Faith

Scripture: Jonah 1–4

Jonah 1-4

My every disobedience has a cost. (Jonah 1:3)

But I cannot out-run the loving pursuit of God. (Jonah 1:12, 17)

God desires to use me to spread His message. (Jonah 3:4-5, 10)

When I focus on myself, I will fail to love people around me. (Jonah 4:8-11)

Take Home Idea: Pray for God to give you eyes to see other people as He does and He will use you to do what is only possible through Him.




“Characters of Faith: Jonah” Discussion Questions



Why do you think Jonah doesn’t want to go speak to the Ninevites?

How can you relate to Jonah’s situation?



Jonah walks maybe a third of the way through Ninveah and his “cringe” worthy message sparks city-wide-repentance, what can we learn from this for today?

Read Luke 15:25–32. What do Jonah and the older brother of the prodigal son have in common?

Read Jonah 4:6-9. What point is God trying to make to us with a prophet who pities a plant more than millions of people?

Rewrite the Take Home Idea in your own words and discuss.



Why might you be tempted to not go spread God’s message as He is asking you to do?

Do you ever value something you own more than someone who needs to hear the Gospel?

How has God convicted you to respond to the message of Jonah?

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