Characters of Faith: Jephthah

August 14, 2016 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: Characters of Faith

Scripture: Judges 10:6– 11:40

Judges 10:6-11:40


Jephthah’s story:

  • Rejection
  • Vindication
  • Victory
  • Heartache



Lesson 1: God overlooks ignorance of Scripture, but doesn’t overlook unbelief.



Lesson 2: Belief without strong theology can do great damage.



Take Home Idea: Great faith with good theology is a big benefit.




"Jephthah" Small Group Questions
Judges 10:6-11:40



If you are in a heap of trouble, who do you call: Ghostbusters? Superman? Police? Attorney? Your small group leader? Pastor? Other?

Review Pastor Joel';s sermon and Take Home Idea. What struck you about the sermon?

What do you have questions about?



This is the sixth time the Israelites have turned their back on God. Why is Israel repeating the same mistakes?

What did Israel do to change God’s mind? What does that tell you about God’s character?

What do we learn from vs. 1-3 about Jephthah’s upbringing? How do you think that would have affected him? Was he a “Robin Hood” or just simply a “hood”?

What kind of bargain did Jephthah make with the elders of Gilead? How about with God?

What do you think is the purpose of this story about Jephthah and his daughter? What is so crucial about keeping one’s vow?

What are the two reasons Pastor Joel believes that Jephthah actually carried through with sacrificing his daughter? How does Jephthah’s actions reflect the theme of this book?

With what you know now about Jephthah, why do you think his name is included in the Hall of Faith (Heb. 11:32)?



Jephthah’s story can be summed up in four words, “rejection, vindication, victory and heartache. Which of the four words reflect your life right now?

What does this story tell you about having a deep faith? About continuing to grow in your knowledge of God’s Word? What will you do about both?


Close this time sharing and praying together as a group.

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