Family Rx - Parents

May 15, 2016 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: Family Rx

Scripture: Matthew 18:21–35

Family Rx–Parents

Matthew 18:21-35


The story.


In order to forgive, . . .

. . . we must have an accurate view of ourselves.

. . . we must have an accurate view of the offender.

. . . we must have an accurate view of God.



Take Home Idea: If you are a forgiven one, you must also be a forgiving one.



“Family Rx: Parents” Discussion Questions

Matthew 18:21-35



How would you describe your relationship with your parents when you were growing up?

Look at the Take Home idea. Explain it in your own words.



Offenders in Jesus day were forgiven up to three times. What does Jesus’ answer to Peter say about forgiveness in the kingdom?

Identify who is a) the unmerciful servant b) the fellow-servant and c) the king in the parable. What is Jesus saying about each of these persons?

Why was it such a struggle for this first servant to forgive his fellow-servant?

Does the end result of this parable bother you? If so, what part bothers you?

Based on this parable, is God’s forgiveness of us limited or unlimited? Conditional or unconditional?

Likewise, what is our forgiveness of others (parents) to be like?



What has driven home this importance of forgiveness to you?

How can you forgive your parents (or another person) who has hurt you deeply? Why is it such a struggle?

Close by praying together.



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