Family Rx - Extended Family

May 1, 2016 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: Family Rx

Scripture: Numbers 12:1–16

Family Rx: Extended Family

Genesis 32-33:11


Jacob and Esau’s story

• A broken relationship.

• God sends Jacob home.

• Jacob’s multiple plans.



Two Lessons:

1) We are to pursue reconciliation in spite of our expectations.


2) We need to pursue reconciliation for the sake of our next generation.



Take Home Idea: Despite your expectations, pursue reconciliation, because you don’t know what God wants to do in you, through you and around you.



“Family Rx: Extended Family” Discussion Questions

Genesis 32-33:11



What was one meeting you dreaded?

Look at the Take Home idea. Explain it in your own words.



Review: Before Genesis 32, what was the relationship like between Esau and Jacob? Why?

For Jacob, is 20 years apart from Esau enough time to heal old wounds or only add to Esau’s desire for revenge? Why do you think so?

Do you think Jacob goes “home” all on his own? (Hint: 31:3; 32:9) So as Jacob prepares to meet Esau, what do you think he feels about God’s plan?

Why do you think Esau brings 400 men? What does Jacob think?

Jacob comes up with multiple plans as he prepares to meet Esau. Why? Acting out of fear, not faith? Scheming again? Genuinely humble and penitent?

What did it take for Jacob to pursue reconciliation with his brother? What did it take for Esau to reconcile with Jacob? How has their relationship changed?



React to the two lessons Pastor Joel talked about in his sermon? How do those lessons encourage you to pursue reconciliation?

Close by praying together.



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