Is God Fixing This?

January 31, 2016 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: Flourish: Thriving in Our Hostile World

Scripture: Daniel 5

Is God Fixing This?

Daniel 5


The warnings:
God sees evil. vv. 1-6

God will judge evil on earth. vv. 22-31

False wall of human achievement vv.1-3

False wall of spiritual knowledge v. 22


The grieving vv. 18-24


The love (in the warning).



Take Home Idea: Beware, because there is no human wall so high, no human fortress so secure, no human activity so hidden that it can protect sin from the wrath of God.




“Is God Fixing This?” Discussion Questions

Daniel 5



Recall one of your most scary, hair-raising, goose-bumpy, heart-thumping experiences. What was so scary?

Look at the Take Home idea. Explain it in your own words.



Historians tell us that Cyrus and the Persian army was surrounding the city of Babylon as this chapter opens.

Why then do you think Belshazzar throws this huge party? What does that tell you about this king?

What did Belshazzar do that God reacted to? What examples can you give of leaders or cultures today handling the “sacred” in an unholy way?

What does Belshazzar’s reaction to the mysterious hand tell you about him? About his little secure world? His guilt? His fear?

What does Daniel’s rejection of flattery and rewards (v. 17) say about this man and his message?

Why do you think Daniel took such a long time explaining to this king what happened to Nebuchadnezzar?

Pastor Joel talked about Daniel grieving over Belshazzar’s sin. Do you think he really did? Why or why not?

What does the writing on the wall mean?

Compare the two king’s portraits in 5:29-30 and 4:34-37. Whom do they praise? What does that tell you about them?

Comparing the two king’s fates, what do you learn about God’s mercy and justice, power and authority?



How do you react when you hear about God’s judgment? Then and now, does it seem God is quick or slow such wicked and evil behavior?

What benefit do you think there is in grieving over our sins or other’s sins?

How does this chapter speak to us and our response to God’s word?

Close by sharing together those names and praying together for those individuals.




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