A Generous Faith

November 22, 2015 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: Generous Living

Scripture: Luke 21:1–4

Generous Faith

Luke 21:1-4


Three lessons from the widow:

1. Generous faith is possible most often in great poverty.


2. Generous faith is proved more by what we keep than what we give away.


3. Generous faith catches the eye of God.



Take Home Idea: God measures generosity not by the amount of the gift, but by the size of the sacrifice.



“Generous Faith” Discussion Questions

Luke 21:1-4



What do you usually feel when an offering plate is passed?

Look at the Take Home idea. Explain it in your own words.



Try to imagine yourself in the temple court. What and who do you think you would have noticed? Why? Do you think you would you have paid much attention to the “poor widow”?

How is this poor widow different than the religious leaders (cf. 20:45-47)?

Do you think Jesus’ mention of this widow was more likely a praise for her actions, a lament for her being victimized by the religious system of the day, or an equal measure of both? Explain.

How can it legitimately be said by Jesus that the widow, “put in more than all the others”?

When is more actually less? When is a little a lot?

Why do you think God is less interested in how much we give than how much we keep?



So does this passage teach us that we should give up everything we own? Why or why not?

If the actions of the rich represent “1” and the actions of the widow represent a “10” on a scale, where would you place yourself in terms of sacrificial giving?


Close by sharing your answers and then praying together.



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