The King's Family Tree

December 7, 2014 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: The King Is Born

Scripture: Matthew 1:1–1:17

The King's Family Tree

Matthew 1:1-17


The King’s family tree reveals God’s faithfulness.


– God’s faithfulness to Abraham

     o I will make you a great nation (Gn. 12.2)

     o I will bless all people of the earth through you (Gn. 12.3)

     o “If you are Christ’s*, then you are Abraham’s offspring…”(Gal. 3.29)

*Promise Kept in Jesus


– God’s faithfulness to David

     o “Your throne shall be established forever” (2Sm 7.16)

     o “All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me [Jesus]*” (Mt. 28.18)

*Promise Kept in Jesus


– Conclusion

     o “For all the promises of God find their, ‘Yes!’ in him [Jesus]” (2 Cor. 1.20)



Take Home Idea: God has been faithful to Abraham, faithful to David and he will be faithful to you.




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