Praying Like It Matters

Jan 26, 2014 by: Jay Pound| Series: Christ-Centered; Christ-Sent
Scripture: Matthew 8:5–8:13

Pray Like It Matters

Matthew 8:5-13, 7:9-11; 1 Samuel 17

Our Mission: Help individuals become Christ-sent and Christ-centered together.

3 Steps to Praying Like it Matters:

    1. Pray like God has the power to do anything.
          – God is God, not a superhero.

    2. Pray like God knows you better than you do.
          – God is a loving parent, not a genie.

    3. Pray like you expect God to change the world and you...because He will!


Challenge: Pray and live like we know God has a great plan for all creation, and the power to make it happen.

Encouragement: God does hear and does have a plan and the proof is all around us


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