Worship Passionately

Jan 12, 2014 by: Joel Sutton| Series: Christ-Centered; Christ-Sent
Scripture: Psalm 100:1–100:5

Worship Passionately

Psalm 100

Our Mission: Help individuals become Christ–centered and Christ–sent together.

Our Measures: I Worship Passionately

How to Worship: vv. 1-2; 4
— Our Actions:
            —with Words - shout
            —with Deeds - serve
            —with Heart - come

—Our Attitude:
            —with Joy

Why Worship: vv. 3, 5
—We know our God is the only true, living God.
            —We know His power and His care.
            —We know He is good.
            —We know His steadfast love.
            —We know His faithfulness.

Take Home Idea: Worship should be my passionate response to God because my God is awesome!

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