Dining on the Bread of Life

April 14, 2013 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: The Real Jesus: Do You Believe?

Scripture: John 6:25–6:71

Dining on the Bread of Life

John 6:25-71

Pastor Joel Sutton, April 14, 2013

The Real Jesus, Do you Believe?


Looking for satisfaction. vv. 25-34


Jesus is the Bread of Life.

Absolutely indispensable. (Lev. 26:26)

Daily bread. (Exodus 16)

He satisfies. v. 35

He gives eternal life. v. 47--51


So how do we get this Bread?

It comes as a gift. Vv. 49-51

It is through Christ's death. Vv. 53-55

It comes by belief (consumption). 35, 40, 47-48; 54


Take Home Idea: Jesus, the Bread of Life, fully satisfies those who believe and feed on Him.


Discussion Questions


When your stomach is growling, what really satisfies your hunger? Tell about a time that this occurred?

Look at the Take Home idea. Explain it in your own words.



Read the whole passage, vv. 25-71.

Why are the crowds still searching for Jesus (vv. 24-26)?

How does Jesus' response to their question in vv. 26-27, show the difference between his interests and theirs?

What does the crowd ask Jesus to do so that they can believe him? What is their real interest?

How does Jesus use their interest in food to illustrate who He is? Pastor Joel discussed several ways that bread helps illustrate who Jesus is (as the Bread of Life). How does this image help?

What claims does Jesus make in vs. 35-40? What do these claims emphasize about His being the Bread of Life?

How is the "bread" Jesus gives greater than that of Moses (v. 32, 49)?

From the passage as a whole, what does Jesus mean by "eating his flesh" and "drinking his blood"? (Compare vs. 40 with vs. 54)?

How does the larger group of disciples (fans of Jesus) respond to Jesus' hard teaching? How do the 12 disciples of Jesus respond? Why the difference?



In our world, what is the main reason for following Jesus? What was your original motive?

How would you describe your daily spiritual diet: Junk food? Frozen food? Baby food? Bread and Potatoes? Pure bread and wine?

How have you experienced Jesus "fully satisfying" your spiritual hunger and thirst?

Has your "familiarity" with Jesus ever kept you from really seeing who He is? What way does this passage reveal a "new" side of Jesus to you?

Close by sharing your answers and then praying together.

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