Controversial Jesus

March 17, 2013 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: The Real Jesus: Do You Believe?

Scripture: John 5:16–5:30

Controversial Jesus

John 5:16-30

Pastor Joel Sutton - March 17, 2013

The Real Jesus, Do you Believe?


Jesus claims equality with God. vv. 17-18

  • Expressed in a unity with the Father. vv. 19-20


  • Displayed in two divine privileges.
    • The Son has power over life. vv 21; 24-26

    • The Son has authority to judge. vv. 22; 27-30


Two questions:

  1. Who do you say Jesus is?

  2. Have you embraced Jesus?


Take Home Idea: Embracing Jesus is embracing the Father, because Jesus is God's divine Son.


Discussion Questions


What mannerisms of your parents have you picked up?

Look at the Take Home idea. Explain it in your own words.



Re-read John 15:1-15. What was the result for Jesus of his healing this paralytic man?

Read vs. 17. How did the way he answered the Jewish leaders only heighten their opposition? Why do you think Jesus did this?

In what ways does Jesus tell us here in this passage that He was equal with the Father? What terms are used to show the kind of relationship there is between the two? How does that relate to John 1:1 and 1:18?

What claims does Jesus make about himself in vs. 24? What is the promise? When does someone start to possess this promise?

What happens to those who do hear and believe (vv. 24-30)? To those who do not?



How is this truth that Jesus is claiming in this passage controversial today?

What implications are there when we affirm that Jesus is God's divine Son and the only way to the Father?

If you had to explain to someone what vs. 24 means in your own words, how would you put it?

How does a person honor Jesus? How do you honor Jesus? (vs. 23)

Close by sharing your answers and then praying together.

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