Do You Want a Changed Life?

March 10, 2013 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: The Real Jesus: Do You Believe?

Scripture: John 5:1–5:15

Do You Want a Changed Life?

John 5:1-15

Pastor Joel Sutton, March 10, 2013

The Real Jesus, Do you Believe?



Jesus moves towards the need, not towards comfort. vv. 1-3



Jesus reaches out to the suffering and isolated, not the socially safe. vv. 5-9



Jesus asks a penetrating question: "Do you want to be well?" v. 6



Jesus heals out of His great compassion. vv. 6-9



Jesus' ultimate goal is holiness, not health. vv. 9-15



Take Home Idea: God's glorious gift of grace is for sinners, not saints. It is for each of us!



Discussion Questions


What best describes you when you are sick? A sad puppy? Superman? Rip Van Winkle? Other?

Look at the Take Home idea. Explain it in your own words.



Read vs. 1-3. How do you picture the setting of this story? What is the smell? The noises? The atmosphere? How would you feel in a place like this?

Read the footnote of vs. 4 (ESV, NIV). How does it help explain vs. 7? Explain why it is a footnote?

Read vv. 5-7. How would you picture the invalid? What do you think the invalid was hoping that Jesus might do?

Why do you think that Jesus asked this man his question in vs. 6? Was he looking for faith? Or something else?

As the invalid, what do you feel in vv. 8-9? How about in vv. 10-13?

Why didn't Jesus stick around, v. 13? Why would Jesus go and find this man at the temple? What does Jesus call this man to?

What do you think is the "or something worse may happen to you." at the end of vs. 14? (hint: vs. 29).



How would you answer Jesus' question, "Do you want to get well?"

What does it mean that Jesus is calling us to holiness?

How does this story help you know the real Jesus better?

Close by sharing your answers and then praying together.

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