From Seeing to Believing

March 3, 2013 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: The Real Jesus: Do You Believe?

Scripture: John 4:43–4:54

From Seeing to Believing

John 4.43-54

Pastor Jay Pound, March 3, 2013



  • Scene I: Fans and Flawed Faith

    • The crowd wants to watch, not participate.


  • Scene II: The Compassionate King

    • The official comes for a miracle, and he finds faith as well.


  • Scene III: From Seeing to Believing

    • The official comes to Jesus desperate, leaves hopeful, and finishes in faith.


The Challenge: Be a follower, not a fan.


The Encouragement: Jesus always calls us further.


Discussion Questions


1.      What separates fans from participants?

2.      How do these differences help explain why Jesus could be welcomed warmly by the Galileans but still dishonored?

3.      Look back at the preceding story of the woman at the well, in John 4.1, specifically at verses 39-42.How does Jesus' reception by the Samaritans compare with his reception by the Galileans?

a.       What, according to John, have the Galileans witnessed that the Samaritans have not? (4.45 - See also 2.13-25; and 4.46)

b.      What is the result for both groups? (Compare John 2.23-25 with 4.39-42)

c.       How might this influence the way we understand Jesus initial response to the crowd and the official in 4.48?

4.      What exactly does the official ask of Jesus, and what does Jesus actually do? (4.47, 49-50). What does Jesus' response require of the official?

5.      Why is it - then and now - tempting for people to be mere fans of Jesus? Do you see evidence of it today?

6.      What separates being a fan from being a true follower of Jesus?

7.      Where might God be calling you - as he did the official - further into faith in him?

8.      How might this story be an encouragement as we wrestle with God's call in our lives?

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