Crossing the Line

February 24, 2013 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: The Real Jesus: Do You Believe?

Scripture: John 4:1–4:42

Crossing the Line

John 4:1-42

Pastor Joel Sutton - Feb. 24 2013

The Real Jesus, Do you Believe?


Another great commission: John 20:21


Christ-sent Disciples …

… are sent across boundaries.


… are sent out with an invitation.


… are sent into a ripe harvest.


Take Home Idea: You and I are Christ-sent disciples, called to invite thirsty people to experience Christ's life-giving water.



Discussion Questions



When you were growing up, who were the people you were told to associate with? What part of the city or country would you be warned about?

Look at the Take Home idea. Explain it in your own words.



If you were one of the disciples, what would you have been thinking when Jesus decided to go through Samaria instead of the long way around?

What barriers do you find that Jesus crossed in this story? What did Jesus risk in crossing these barriers? Why do you think Jesus was willing to risk this to talk to this woman?

What are the two invitations or challenges Jesus presents to this woman in vs. 10? Where do you see those invitations accepted?

What is Jesus talking about when he uses the phrase, "Living water"? What does the woman think Jesus is talking about?

What observations to you make about Jesus' witnessing pattern? What can we learn from it?


Read 4:31-38. What is the food that Jesus is talking about here?

How does the metaphor of the harvest apply to the disciples? Who is the "sower?" Who is the "reaper?"



Considering your interest in spiritual things this week; have you been more like the disciples or the woman?

What does Pastor Joel mean that you are "Christ-sent"? To whom are you sent? What barriers do you have to cross? How can you be more Spirit-dependent?

Close by sharing your answers and then praying together.

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