How to Hear God Speak

February 3, 2013 Speaker: Joel Sutton

Scripture: James 1:21–1:25

How to Hear God Speak

James 1:21-25

Pastor Joel Sutton - February 3, 2013

Series: Eat the Word.


Warning: Don't be hearers only!

  • Hearing only can be self-deceiving. vs. 22
  • Hearing only does not lead to life change. Vv. 23-24.


Correct Use of God's Word:

  1. Receive God's Word. vs. 21


  2. Reflect on God's Word. vs. 25

    S cripture

    O bserve

    A pply

    P ray


  3. Respond to God's Word. vs. 22; 25


Take Home Idea: Eat God's Word so you will live God's Word.


Discussion Questions


Tell about a warning you received one time that was very helpful? Was there ever a warning you received that didn't help?

Look at the Take Home idea. Explain it in your own words.



Read James 1:19-27. What directions does James give us this passage? What warnings does he give us?

What do the directions of vv. 19-21, have to do with how we might "receive" the implanted word of God?

How does the illustration of the man looking into the mirror help us understand the danger of just reading the Word of God?

Turn to Mark 4:1-20. What additional insight does that give you about what it takes to receive the Word of God correctly?

What does James say is the point of "hearing" the Word?

How do vs. 28 - 29 illustrate what "doing" the Word of God looks like?

What other observations do you make from this very practical passage from James?



Share with each other what you do when you read God's Word? How do you reflect on it? How do you pull a lesson out from it?

Practice the S.O.A.P. method in your group. Pick a passage of Scripture, make an Observation, then draw out an Application, finally write down a Prayer that comes from it.

Am I allowing God's Word to transform my life? Close by sharing your answers and then praying together.