God's Word is Trustworthy

January 20, 2013 Speaker: Joel Sutton

Scripture: 2 Kings 19:10–19:37

God's Word is Trustworthy

2 Kings 19.10-20, 32-37

Pastor Jay Pound, January 20, 2013

Series: Eat the Word


A Story of Trust in 3 Scenes

  • Scene 1 - The Crisis: An Army at the Gates
    • Hezekiah is surrounded and warned not to place his trust in God's promises
    • Where do we put our trust when we are under pressure?
  • Scene 2 - Hezekiah's Response: Lay it Down
    • Hezekiah nevertheless places his trust in God
    • When the pressure is on, God's word is worthy our trust
  • Scene 3 - The Result: Victory
    • Sennacherib's army is destroyed and his own life is ended
    • When the pressure is on, God's word reveals its worth


Take Home Idea:

When you are under pressure, place your trust in God and His Word, and you will not be disappointed.


Discussion Questions

  1. Share a time when you were in a high pressure situation. What was at stake?
  2. Share a time when you placed your faith in God?

    1. What was the result?
    2. Was it what you initially wanted, or something different?
    3. What did it cost?
  3. Read 2 Kings 19.5-13:

    1. What does God promise?
    2. How does Sennacherib respond to this?
    3. What other options might Hezekiah have had besides trusting in God?
    4. What would have made trusting God difficult in this situation? What might have helped?
  4. Read 2 Ki. 19.14-19:

    1. What stands out to you about Hezekiah's prayer?
    2. Who, according to Hezekiah, has Sennacherib insulted?
  5. Where/when are we tempted not to trust God and His Word?
  6. In what else are we tempted to put our trust?
  7. How can we develop a deeper trust in God's Word? What can we do when we need help trusting God's Word?