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Outpost Ministries



Description of Ministry

Outpost Ministries has existed for over twenty-nine years to help the sexually and relationally broken find healing and restoration through relationship with Jesus Christ.

Outpost was formed to meet the needs of men and women who have made a decision to break away from the gay life. We strive to deal with individuals as a whole people, not merely sexual beings, offering teaching, encouragement and support.

Outpost emphasizes obedience to God's Word, which begins the healing process. As we grow in our submission to Christ we also grow into friendship with Him. It is in relationship with Christ that we are healed and transformed.

At Outpost ministries we desire to partner with Jesus in preaching this good news to the poor, setting the captives free and binding up the broken hearted (see Isaiah 61:1 and Luke 4: 18f). The Father's great desire for those struggling with sexual and/or relational brokenness motivated Him to send His one and only Son Jesus to be the Way out of slavery to sin. The reality is we are all poor, wretched, pitiful, blind and naked - we all need the ministry of Jesus. He will fill our emptiness with His redemptive love (as gold refined by fire), He will clothe us with His righteousness, and He will open the eyes of our hearts to know the Truth so that we can be truly free (Revelation 3:17f).

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17)! There is freedom from addictions, freedom from codependency, freedom from homosexuality, freedom from whatever hinders the love of God in your life. FREEDOM.