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The Wycliffe work started in Mexico in 1934, spread to other countries in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and many places around the world. Because Bible translation programs in any given country start at different times and take many years to complete, they obviously finish at different times. The work in the Americas is the most progressed, and the official Wycliffe presence and large support centers have closed in several locations. However there still are many translation programs that are continue to be active. Those translators need help to finish their translation programs. Most of this help involves consultants in the areas of translation, linguistics, and literacy. The role of the Director of Language Services covers two principal areas: 1) Directing the work of the consultants, and 2) Overseeing the training (in Spanish and Portuguese) of nationals who want to become Bible translators.

Wycliffe wanted someone with leadership experience, language program management experience, and fluency in either Spanish or Portuguese to fill this position. Jan and I have prayed about this for several weeks, and we feel that God has led me to accept this role. This is an exciting time to see Bible translation finishing up in the Americas, and I feel honored to be asked to have a key role on the team that has this responsibility. God has given me many years of preparation in leadership, language programs management, fluency in Portuguese, and somewhat rusty Spanish.

We will remain here at the JAARS Center in Waxhaw, NC. My staff will be scattered from Canada to South America. Technology has shrunk the world. Jan will continue to do editing in both English and Portuguese.






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