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LATN (Latin American Training Network) with ReachGlobal in Minnesota

Biography & Ministry

Tim and Carolyn Dahlin have served together with Reach Global (the international mission of the Evangelical Free Church of America) since 1987.

They served in Venezuela until 2000, where Tim was involved in theological education and both were involved in church planting.

Presently Tim and Carolyn serve with the Latin American Training Network (LATN), a leadership training program which serves the entire Spanish-speaking world using the internet. LATN is sponsored by Reach Global and is based in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Tim serves as online instructor, supervises LATN’s online instructors, and is helping develop a certificate program focused on discipleship.

Tim and Carolyn are also reaching out to the Hispanic immigrant population in southern Minnesota. Tim and Carolyn live in Fairmont, Minnesota.

They have three children: Joel, Karin, and Jonathan.






Getting Updates

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