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Worship Seminar with Dr. Jeremy & Angie Perigo

May 14, 2020

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: 5150 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55417

Category: Worship Ministry Special Event | Coordinator: Paul Anleitner

What is the purpose and function of worship in the church? What role should music and the arts play in the lives of Christians? Join us for a time of worship and thoughtful conversation about worship theology with theologians of worship Dr. Jeremy & Angie Perigo.

Dr. Jeremy Perigo served as head of theology, music and worship programs at London School of Theology for six years. He is also a lecturer for Regent University and Northern Seminary. He has a Doctor of Worship Studies focused on the contextualization of Christian worship in Middle Eastern contexts.

Angie (Jeremy's wife) served as the Dean of Students & Chapel Director at London School of Theology and is finishing her doctoral dissertation at Robert E. Webber's Institute for Worship Studies. Jeremy and Angie have also been intercultural missionaries in the Middle East helping local Christians cultivate culturally indigenous worship for their communities.