A week ago, January 6th, an angry mob attacked our nation’s Capitol building. Like you, I was shocked and upset and grieved. I was also greatly disturbed by the way some of the rioters abused the name of Jesus to promote violence, display racist symbols and attack our nation’s leaders. Those behaviors and actions bear no resemblance to the way and life offered by Jesus Christ.

Let us be clear, as Christ-followers we are loyal to only one king and one ruler, Jesus Christ and his kingdom. Christ is our hope, not a president. Christ is our identity, not a political party. The demands of God, the eternal ruler, supersedes the brief tenure of any political leader.

I am also calling on our church community to humble ourselves and pray with other Christians for the healing of our nation during what ought to be a peaceful transition of power to a new presidential administration. We are setting aside next week as a “Week of Prayer”. Along with praying for different areas of our church’s ministry each day, we invite you to pray for peace and civility in our nation. Daily prayer requests will be posted on our different social networks. Also, next Wednesday, January 20th, we will be coming together via Zoom to pray for our country.

May the Holy Spirit strengthen our united witness for Jesus Christ. Might we be lampposts, shining the light of Jesus, in our neighborhoods, city and nation.

Pastor Joel Sutton