True Worship

Henry Blackaby, author of Experiencing God, penned these words:

"Jesus said true worship must be 'face to face' with God. Worship is not religion or ritual; worship is an intimate and vital encounter with a Person. True worship includes the full recognition of who God is: holy, sovereign, almighty, loving, merciful.

"This recognition brings about the realization of our own sinfulness. True worship is life-changing! It creates within the worshiper's heart a hatred for sin. True worship results in repentance, obedient submission, and a desire for holiness (Isa. 6:1–8). True worship generates a desire to show mercy and to express forgiveness. It includes a joyful acceptance of all that God has provided by His grace.

"True worship is not exclusive. Just as the Samaritan woman rushed off to tell others of her encounter with the Lord, so true worship will compel the worshiper to include others. As a result of this woman's encounter with Jesus, many others from her village came to know Him as well. The one who has truly worshiped will have a sense of peace and a confident expectation of what God is about to do. True worship produces a transformed life, reflecting the One who has been worshiped."

I desire that sense of peace and confident expectation for my own life, my family’s life, and our church family’s life. Is that your desire when we come together to worship the Lord?

Let’s walk into our times of worship together with expectancy: that we believe our time together isn’t religion or ritual, but an encounter with Christ that will change our lives!