Serve Minneapolis

Thank you to all who went out in the community last year and served—displaying being Christ-centered and Christ-sent together! In preparation for Serve Minneapolis this year, here's some feedback from those who stepped out last year to serve in the community:


1. Where did you serve?

Dorothy Young: Jerry and I served at the Emergency Services on Franklin Avenue.

Kathie Solem: Hale School


2. What kind of projects did you do with your group?

Dorothy Young: We did some cleaning to get their sanctuary ready for Sunday. We sorted food, filled shelves and packed bags of groceries to be distributed.

Kathie Solem: Trimming the landscaping around the school; weeding the gardens.


3. What was a highlight for you?

Dorothy Young: It was great working together with the team and we felt we were of some help.

Kathie Solem: It was fun to work as a team and also have the opportunity to talk and laugh together while accomplishing a need in our community.


4. How did you see our mission (becoming Christ-centered and Christ-sent together) play out while serving the community?

Dorothy Young: We were especially glad to learn of this ministry and were impressed with their desire to meet needs in the community.

Kathie Solem: Laying aside the tasks that are on your own agenda for the day to help someone else (or in this case—show God's love through a community effort). It is energizing to also see so many others from our church taking part in wanting to display Christ in tangible ways.


5. In what ways did you see God working where you were serving?

Kathie Solem: I believe every person you come into contact with —God uses it and has a purpose for it. They are divine appointments. Sometimes we don't or won't always know the impact. It may be a direct impact in your heart like feeling connected to your church community and being encouraged. God can also be encouraging and softening the hearts of the individuals that are employed at the school; and God also uses those interactions as you meet and get to know one another for other times in your life. God's thoughts and ways are so far reaching and we can never fully understand all that He is doing when we step out and help others. I believe all those you had the privilege to serve that day walked away feeling blessed.



Thank you to all who served at this years Serve Minneapolis. We'll be sharing updates from this years time serving our community together in our upcoming September newsletter; so stay tuned!