Our Strategy: The Road Ahead

We want to be a church that helps individuals live Christ-centered and Christ-sent together. The question now is, “How do we get there?” And that is a question of strategy, a request for a map that shows each person their next step. The picture you see here is our depiction of our strategy, a map helping individuals see where they are now and find the road ahead. Like a map, strategies are most helpful when they can be seen and remembered...and when they are accompanied by an explanation.


Our Strategy: Our strategy involves three different aspects we consider vital for living out our mission. We believe that each healthy, Christ-centered and Christ-sent disciple needs to be involved in corporate worship, authentic community and service.



The Shape: We chose a circle to communicate two things: 1) This is not a linear process, we don’t move from one to the next as though the next is more “advanced.” We believe all three are vital, and our desire is to see everyone involved in all three. 2) No one ever arrives or finishes, the way in which we are involved may change, but we do not ever “arrive.”


The Center: We put a cross at the center to symbolize our desire for Christ to be at the center of everything we do. Service and community are both good things, but it is when we are serving Christ and in community with members of his family that it is transformative. And worship with anyone or anything else at the center is the definition of idolatry.


The Road Ahead: What this means in practice is that we want to challenge everyone who attends our church to join in all three. We would like each person to be in worship one hour a week. If they have another hour, we would like them to find a community group. And for their next hour, we would like them to find a place to serve. (Again, this can go in any order). We want everyone to find place to do all three.


So what does this mean for me? Well, it starts in you. Do you only join us for worship? Then take the next step and connect to a community group. Do you come to worship and are involved in a community group? Then find a place to serve. Do you join us in service? Then join us for worship. We want to challenge and help you, and everyone, to fill in the other pieces so that together we might all become healthy, Christ-centered and Christ-sent disciples and fulfill God's mission for our church.