More Than Faithful

Genesis 12; 2 Sam 7; Mt. 28

Back when Abraham was still Abram, back when he was a nomad, when he travelled wherever he could find good grazing, Yahweh, the God of all creation broke suddenly into his life. Yahweh gave Abram a new identity, and many spectacular promises. Though Abraham had no children, Yahweh promised to give him so many descendants that their number would rival the number of stars in the sky. And he promised that there would be more than a few kings among them. Yahweh promised that they would be blessed, and that through them all the nations of the earth would be blessed. He promised that they would be his people and he would be their God. Heady stuff for a shepherd and nomad; heady stuff for anyone.

Generations later, a descendant of Abraham would sit on the throne of Israel, a promised kingly descendant, ruling over a promised nation of descendants in the Promised Land. Grandiose as those promises must have seemed to Abraham, Yahweh had in fact been faithful—and more than faithful. Already Yahweh had done more than Abraham could have ever imagined. But he was not done.

When this King, David, began to muse that it was time to build Yahweh a temple, a permanent home among his people, Yahweh politely declined the offer and countered with one of his own: He would build David a house. Not a house of stone, as any old mason might manage, Yahweh would instead establish the throne and kingdom of David and his descendants forever. Heady stuff for the king of small nation dwarfed by his neighbors; heady stuff for anyone.

And yet generations later, in the city of David, a new king and savior was born—Jesus, a king heralded not by mortals, but by angels. Through him salvation has been made freely available to all, so that the whole world has indeed been blessed. And through him, Yahweh has chosen to adopt men and women from all tongues and tribes and nations into the family of Abraham so that it is no exaggeration to number the descendants of Abraham in the billions.

And because of the perfect faithfulness of Jesus, because of his obedience to God even to death on the cross, Yahweh has raised him to his own right hand, and has given him all authority in heaven and on earth. And so today a flesh and blood descendant of David, a descendant of Abraham, sits in heaven at the right hand of Yahweh, ruling over all creation in a kingdom that will never fail and never end. Fantastic as his promises to David must have seemed, not even a king could have dared to dream of a fulfillment such as this—that his descendant would rule alongside Yahweh himself. And yet he does.

Surely Yahweh has been faithful and beyond faithful. Surely he has done far, far more than Abraham or David or anyone in between or after could have ever imagined. And he is still not done.