Local Church Ministry Resource - Worship Pads

I get the opportunity to highlight something important today, not just for our church, but for any church that could use this type of resource.

There are times in our worship ministry where we could use a little "something extra" to help fill in the musical gaps, avoid "dead-air" if you will, and give our worship musicians an opportunity to be musically artistic instead of simply "filling a void".

So, for the last year or so, our tech director Alex Clinton and I have been working on a collection of "worship pads" - MP3s (audio files) that make it sound like you have a keyboard player with you at all times, for any song, in any key, at any tempo.  We call them Coresound Pads.

This is especially valuable for churches that have a smaller worship team -  did you know the average church size in the United States is less than 80 people!?  This is a way to raise the bar of excellence for the church's worship team, and create a sweet, less-distracting atmosphere for the congregation.  We literally use these ambient worship pads every week at First Free!

I love how creating something for our church has now caught the attention of worship leaders from around the country and even the world.  It's humbling and encouraging to see something God has placed in us come into this kind of light.  I'm glad it's serving the very purpose it was created for - to aid worship leaders in filling their worship sound and freeing the team to focus on leading the congregation in worship.

You can learn more at http://www.coresoundpads.com.  Pass this info along to any worship leader you might know - there are free samples of everything on the website so they can try them all at no cost.  And a special thanks to my family who let me work on these pads during my off-time!  :)