Lamppost Highlight

Lammpost Highlight with Marlene Maloney

We had the opportunity to catch up with Marlene Maloney, who headed up the Community Emergency Services Food Drive this Fall. Here is our conversation about living in community at First Free and talking about what the Food Drive looked like this year.

1. What made you want to head up the food drive*?
The name of our small group is S.A.L.T., which stands for Serving And Learning Together. This sounded like a great service opportunity for our group. Steve and I had attended an outreach brunch last year at First Free, where we learned about CES and knew it was an important local ministry serving in South Minneapolis.

2. What have been the biggest challenges and the most exciting parts about heading up the CES food drive?
The only challenge was to learn how to publicize it and then follow through. Kowalski’s generously donated bags, the congregation generously filled the bags and we just had to pack them into our van and deliver them.

3. Do you think the food drive reflects our values and our mission? If so, how?
Yes. FEFC’s mission is to help individuals become Christ-centered and Christ–sent together. We are to live by faith and make the world a better place. Individuals are important to us and we are to love them and be a blessing. The food drive was a way for the church to show action and bless those less fortunate. This whole process was done together—in community—as His church.

4. How do you envision this growing or changing in the future?
I think that there are many other organizations that could benefit from a collaborative effort and that many of FEFC members would be again be willing to participate. I could also envision some of us would be willing to help sort food at CES on a regular basis.

5. How did your small group find each other/come together?
Our group came together through the Connections group that Pete and Erica Lehner hosted last fall. We enjoyed getting together and so we continued to meet twice a month for bible study. At the beginning of summer we decided to spend our time in the community looking for opportunities to serve together. We did a few activities and hope to continue to serve. We believe that we won’t grow unless we live like Jesus lived and try to do what He did with people.

*Thank you all who donated goods for the Community Emergency Services Thanksgiving Food Drive! Overall, First Free gave a total of 1,063 pounds of food! Thank you all for your heart to serve those in the community and give to those who are in need!