Killing Giants

Giants are tough. 

Even though they might be a long way off, you can hear them coming, can’t you? You might be able to run, but you cannot hide.  You might as well come out and fight.

They cast a long shadow over everything we aspire to do, every dream we hope to pursue, every new land we seek to inhabit. Today we would call them bullies, but they are the same old giants. 

And like the soldiers of Israel, we ask, “Who will go out and fight Goliath?  Who will climb into the ring with the champion?"  Paralyzed and hypnotized, the Israelite camp sat demoralized in their tents. Every morning and every evening, for 40 long days, this giant intimidated and threatened and struck fear into “all the men of Israel.”

But on the 41st day, everything changed. That is when David showed up.  Fresh from the sheep fields and from the awesome presence of God, this young shepherd could not believe his eyes. Nor could he listen to the giant’s threats. Refusing to buy into his brothers' excuses, David stepped out with an unbending confidence in his mighty God. 

Scripture tells us what happened next. “So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and with a stone and struck the Philistine and killed him. There was no sword in the hand of David.” (1 Samuel 17:50). 

What an interesting counterstrategy.  Did you catch it in that sentence?  “No sword in the hand of David.”   Goliath was covered with armor - like he was a battleship.  But not David.  Goliath had a spear the size of a wooden beam. But not David. David’s choice of weapon was a simple sling and five smooth stones and faith in a giant God.

Killing giants isn’t accomplished by using their technique. David trusted in God’s word and God’s ways. He was confident that God was with him.  It kept him free from fear, it made him deaf to threats, it gave him a cool composure amidst the chaos and it cleared his vision. 

Of course, the name Goliath won’t be found in any of our phone directories.  The giants we face go by different names: fear, worry, discouragement, guilt, anger, temptation, loneliness. Call them what you will, they are still giants.

Which giant is giving you grief?  Perhaps Fear has your number. Maybe Loneliness has locked you out. Whatever giant may be bullying you, the Bible reminds us that God is the greatest Giant of all. He goes before you and with you. Don’t run.  Don’t try a larger club. The hand of God is on your shoulder. Be like David. Turn your Goliath over to Jesus, the giant-killer. Explain to your powerful God how anxious you are for Him to win this victory.

In our summer sermon series, we are going to look at 12 of the most intimidating giants we face. I want to invite you to grab your sling and a few stones. Yes, Goliath was a shade over nine feet tall, but all it added up to was a bigger dent in the pavement.  Remember, the bigger they come, the harder they fall. 

Anyone ready to go kill some giants?