Join Connections Today!

At First Free, we believe that growth and mission happen in Community. And that is why Community is a key part of the process by which all of us grow to become more like Christ and to live more like Christ. Community helps us become Christ-centered and Christ-sent - together. So whether you have just started attending First Free or if you have been attending for a while, we want to invite you to take the next step, and get connected in Community.

But we know that just because it is important doesn't mean that it is always easy. That is where our Connections Group comes in. Connections is for those who are relatively new to our church and are interested in getting Connected. Once you sign-up, you will be invited to Peter and Erica Lehner's house for 4 Sunday evenings of food, fun and fellowship. You will meet other new people, hear their stories, and pray for each other. You will also get to meet some of our staff and hear about other opportunities at First Free.

The next Connections Group will run for all 4 Sunday evenings in October, from 5-7. We would love to see you there!

For more information about Connections, or to sign-up now, click here.