First Free worship playlists on Spotify!

Do you love worshiping God through song together at First Free, but want to take those songs with you during the week as well?  Here's your chance!  We've put together a few Spotify playlists for you to share and enjoy.

(Don't know what Spotify is?  Click here to find out more and to get started.)

Listen to First Free's worship music playlist on Spotify by clicking here!  First Free Worship Playlist

Also, if you'd like a sneak-peek at the songs we'll introduce in the future, and want to learn them so that you're good-and-ready when we sing them together as the Church, check out our Yet To Come playlist.  First Free - Yet To Come

Lastly, if you'd like a playlist with the songs we use at The Deep - our monthly acoustic worship & prayer gathering - try this playlist.  First Free - The Deep   (Psst... for those of you who haven't been to The Deep yet and want a sneak-peek at what it's like, this is a great way to find out!)

Make sure you subscribe to these lists - we'll update them periodically so that they stay current.

(Disclaimer: While we sing several hymns at First Free, and there are several hymns on the above playlists, we also create new versions of many hymns ourselves and thus can't find a Spotify track that reflects how we sing it together at First Free.  If you find a version that seems similar, be sure to let me know and I'll update the playlist accordingly!)


Enjoy worshiping the Lord with these playlists, church.  It's a joy to be in this together with you!

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