Be Careful To Not Walk On By

Who are the people God wants to use you to reach for Him?

Think about them for a moment. Who are they? Where do you meet them? Do you know who they are?

They may live next door, in your building, or down the street. They may have children in the same school or classroom as your children. They may be co-workers who you share stories with on Monday mornings. They may be the ones who pour your coffee or serve your table at the restaurant you always frequent. They may be relatives or even live in the same house you do.

Be careful not to walk by them.

Jesus once told a story that involved some who passed on by. It involved a man who was beaten up and left to die on the side of the road. And the question Jesus asks is who is going to stop and help. Not a priest. Not a Levite. They walked on by.

The one who stopped was the least likely. The one who noticed and helped was the ungodly person. The Samaritan was careful to not walk on by (Luke 10:25-37).

Jesus’ point? Open your eyes. Recognize those God has brought into your lives. They are the ones with whom you can serve, help, and share Christ’s love. Be careful not to walk on by.

One of the problems we sometimes have in the church and as believers is that our world of non-Christian relationships tends to shrink. The longer you and I are believers, the more we tend to surround ourselves with those that have the same interest, values and beliefs we do. The problem is not that we don’t care about sharing Christ with those who don’t know Him. We just don’t have relationships with non-Christians.

This month’s First Word focuses on our mark of “I am investing in and inviting the lost.” The weekend of February 21-22, we will be exposed to several ministries we support that God is using in our city of Minneapolis; Salem church in the Powderhorn-Phillips neighborhood, China Outreach Ministries on the U of M campus, and Community Emergency Services in Ventura Village. My hope is that as we are exposed to ministries around us that are making a difference, our eyes might be opened.

The world is full of hurting, desperate people who need to know Christ. The solution:

Open your eyes. Pray for your mission field. And be careful not to walk on by.