Faithfulness First

Oct 1, 2017 by: Jay Pound| Series: From Here to There
Scripture: Joshua 5

Faithfulness First

Joshua 5

A Fork in the Road: God’s Plan or Our Plan

1st Generation: Our Plan  (Num. 13-14)

  • “Let us choose a leader and go back to Egypt” (Nm. 14.4)
  • God was ready to fulfill his promise, but his people rejected his plan in favor their own
  • They chose what they knew over what God had planned for them
    God was not thwarted - he graciously extends his promises to their children; but the parents miss out on God’s blessing


2nd Generation: God’s Plan

  • The 2nd Generation chooses faithfulness over fear
  • On the cusp on the promised land, they pause to renew their covenant
  • Circumcision says: You are our God, and we trust you to keep your promises (Genesis 17)


Strengthening Faith

  • Israel strengthens their faith by celebrating what God has already done
  • Passover says: Conquering Canaan won't be easy, but look what our God has already done!

Take Home Idea: God never promises that following him will be easy, but God will always deliver on his promises if we are faithful

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