Faith in the Furnace

Jan 17, 2016 by: Jay Pound| Series: Flourish: Thriving in Our Hostile World
Scripture: Daniel 3

Faith in the Furnace

Daniel 3


2 Questions for Desperate Times:

- Is God still in control? (4-5)

- Does God still care? (4-5)

- Bottom Line: Does God deserve your faith? (15b)


2 Answers:

- Yes, because in all circumstances, God has the power to save (17, 25-26)

- Yes, because in all circumstances, God’s plan is the best (18, 28)


And 1 Important (Post Resurrection) Reminder:

- We already know how this all ends!


Bottom Line: No matter the circumstances, we should live with faith and hope because God can be trusted to do what is best.



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