Praying as Jesus Taught

Jul 5, 2015 by: Jay Pound| Series: The Prayers of Pray-ers
Scripture: Matthew 6:5–6:13

Praying as Jesus Taught

Matthew 5:5-13


Prayer is actual communication with God.



- Lesson #1: Actually talk to God (5-6)

o He wants to talk and help. (7-9)

o Proof: “Our Father” (9)



- Lesson #2: Seek first God and His Kingdom (9-10)

o Prayer is 2-way communication.

o God wants to give you a heart like his.



- Lesson #3: Recognize your dependence

o For physical needs (11)

o For forgiveness (12)

o For deliverance from evil (13)




Take Home Idea: Pray with boldness, because God is your Father. Pray with humility, because you are dependent on him, and he wants to make your heart like his.



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