Prayer of a Mother: Praying with Hannah

May 10, 2015 by: Joel Sutton| Series: The Prayers of Pray-ers
Scripture: 1 Samuel 1–2:10

Prayer of a Mother: Praying with Hannah

1 Samuel 1; 2:1-10


Hannah’s pain: She was barren. (1:2)


Hannah’s response: Goes after God in prayer. (1:9-11)


Hannah’s prayer: Pouring out her soul to God. (1:10-11, 15)


Hannah’s Heart Change: She surrendered. (1:17-18; 2:1-10)


Hannah’s Answer: God’s timing and God’s purposes. (1:19-20)


Prayer Lesson: God invites you to pour out your soul to Him and find your hope in Him alone.



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