The Torture and Humiliation of The King

Apr 6, 2014 by: Joel Sutton| Series: "24": 24 Hours that Changed the World
Scripture: Mark 15:15–15:20

"24": 24 Hours That Changed The World

The Torture & Humiliation of The King

Mark 15:15-20

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Friday, 8 am – 9 am


There is something wrong with me . . .

. . . and if I miss that, I will miss the suffering of Jesus.

      – The torture: flogging

      – The humiliation: mocking


Atonement: To be brought back in harmony with God.

       • Moral Theory: A Demonstration of God’s love

       • Substitution Theory: A Substitute for our sin


Take Home Idea: By the wounds of Jesus, the King of Kings, we are brought back to God.


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